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FOSS4G Europe 2020

FOSS4G 2020
Open Source Geospatial Foundation
UMN MapServer
Geospatial Data Abstraction Library

Development Kits

The following packages contain support files to compile mapserver and gdal by yourself. In order to compile GDAL and MapServer you must also obtain the source packages from the development, stable and release sections and extract these sources in the SDK root directory. Refer to the readme file in the packages for further build instructions.

MSVC 2005win32release-1400-dev
MSVC 2005x64release-1400-x64-dev
MSVC 2008win32release-1500-dev
MSVC 2008x64release-1500-x64-dev
MSVC 2010win32release-1600-dev
MSVC 2010x64release-1600-x64-dev
MSVC 2012win32release-1700-dev
MSVC 2012x64release-1700-x64-dev
MSVC 2013win32release-1800-dev
MSVC 2013x64release-1800-x64-dev

Note: The different compilers or platforms involve different CRT dependencies, therefore the binaries of the different packages are not interchangeable.

The contents of the packages are provided under the terms of this license. It is intended to give you permission to do whatever you want with the files: download, modify, redistribute as you please, including building proprietary commercial software, no permission from Tamas Szekeres is required. Some external libraries which can be optionally used by GDAL and MapServer (provided as plugins) are under radically different licenses, you MUST obtain valid licenses for each of these dependent libraries.