Selecting Features

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Selecting Features

MapManager supports querying the features in one or more layers and inspection of the attributes of the selected features in the Selected Features Dialogue. The features can be selected only if the layer and the classes the features belong to are set to queryable. The query flag of the layers and classes can be specified in the General tab on the Layer Property Editor and in the Display tab of the Class Property Editor. Not setting the query flag of the layer will cause the corresponding features not to be queried regardless of the setting of the class. The same applies when the query flag is not specified at class level. The corresponding features won't be queryable regardless of the layer level settings.

So as to query the features one of the following feature query modes should be selected in the menu or the toolbar

Select Item

This query mode allows you to select a feature (single selection) found at the point specified by the mouse in the Map Window. The layers are searched in reverse drawing order therefore the upper features will be queried first. 

Select By Rectangle

In the Select By Rectangle query mode a rectangle area is specified with the mouse in the Map Window. All of the features which overlap the query area are selected. 

Select By Polygon

In the Select By Polygon query mode a polygon area is specified by defining each vertex by a mouse click in the Map Window. All of the features which overlap the query area are selected.

The selected features are highlighted according to the settings of the QueryMap Properties and the features are listed in the Selected Features Dialogue.